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CO2 compensation

flyBARBARA's flight search is the first of it's type that gives up a significant part of its revenue to support the nature. One-third of the profit we invest to tree planting. These trees offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are produced during the flight. We give the nature back what we take from her.

Places guide

flyBARBARA's Places guide has gathered a rich pool of information about places where you wanna go or you need information about. In our Places section you can get prepared for the destination prior your trip. You will find here information such as costs, geographic infos, population, weather, safety and much more.

Trip planner

flyBARBARA's unique Trip planner prepares and finds everything you need for your travel at once - hotels, flight tickets, information about destination and much more. Why should you search many sites if you can find everything easily on one page? Choose a destination, we'll take care of the rest.

Travelers ProfileMember Only

By signing-in you get your profile with history of your trips, you see the future plans and keep memories in your stories. If you want, you can show the others what places you've seen and meet new people during or before your travels.

Create StoryMember Only

Create own travel story to keep your memories and adventures from your travels together with taken pictures. You can keep it for yourself or share with others.

Travel DatingMember Only

Find here the prefect friends for your trips and adventures during or prior your trip. You can also be visible to other travelers who can get in touch with you and invite you to meet on your travels. And who knows if you find a mate, friend or maybe love..?