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I first visited Scotland

in December of 2012 for Hogmanay when I was nomadic. That visit included Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye and the town of St. Andrews as well as a stay in the Highlands. It was there, while on a solitary walk one evening, that I realized Scotland had permanently embedded itself into my heart. It was fighting for prominence with my long-beloved France.

For years, I went back annually and not a month goes by in which I don’t long to return. It’s something in the people whose magical stories I never tire of listening to, whose pride in their history, culture and future is so stirring and deep. Or maybe it’s about sipping a dram of whisky before an open fire when it’s a dreich day outside, wrapped up in tartan and wool. It’s definitely the wildness of the Highlands that make me feel a little wild myself. And the beauty of a sunset over the Loch at the end of Glen Etive. I may not have any Scottish ancestors but I think I love Scotland as deeply as if I did, beyond reason and without condition.

Perhaps because I love Scotland so much

it's no surprise I enjoyed visiting the Isle of Arran. It is supposed to be, after all, Scotland in Miniature. And while I only had a night and part of two days to explore, I can attest to the fact that it had almost all of the things I love. Great stories, gorgeous scenery, intriguing history, friendly locals, rainbows, whisky, tartan and coos.

We took the CalMac car ferry over from Androssan, stayed at The Douglas in Brodick and in between managed to have a dram [or two or five] of whisky, savor quite a scrumptious meal, meet some friendly locals, enjoy a very peaceful sleep, drive a car round as much of the island as we could meeting the local coos, getting pleasantly muddy and feeling ourselves properly adventured before

as we were leaving, the gloomy weather seemed to mirror our own sadness at having to depart

but I still loved the colorful moment that the boat itself provided in the foreground

Footnotes: Mòran taing to VisitScotland for arranging our ferry and overnight. All glowing opinions and just ok images are mine alone.

Isle of Arran, UK

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