Gothenburg, Sweden

The buzz of the city and the tranquility of nature

11/10/2019 - 14/10/201911Photography

This fall I took a trip to Sweden with my friends. Our destination point was the city called Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. Gothenburg is an important seaport famous for its Dutch-style canals and shady boulevards, including Avenyn, the main boulevard of the city, with many cafes and shops.

I must say this trip was probably the best in my life so far!

There were three main things in our list. First was to walk around the city and enjoy the architecture, people, atmosphere of the city and its nightlife. Second was to visit an extremely famous amusement park not only in Sweden, but in the whole Europe  - Liseberg. And third - to see Gothenburg archipelago. 

Starting with our first point in the list - walking - i must say we were amazed by the beauty of the city! I loved the architecture, all those interesting buildings and red houses as we used to see on the pictures when we were little. The city has its atmosphere - very calm, warm and family. 

We visited Natural History Museum, went to Haga - the famous old street with cozy cafes and souvenir shops. There on Haga we had a really good brunch. The place we found served smoothie, yogurt, coffee and everything else you could find there in any quantity you want for a fixed price. 

We walked through the main streets and squares, enjoyed authenticity of the fishing market and ports, found a cozy coffee place and unbelievably good (and pretty cheap) food buffets. Evening we spent in the company of other tourists, who we met in our hostel, and accompanying us a local guy who showed us the best bars and nightclubs around. With them we went on a pub crawl, visiting a couple of local bars and getting to meet new people. 

Our second “must see” was Liseberg - one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe. In 2005, Forbes magazine included Liseberg in the top 10 best amusement parks in the world! 

This was probably the main reason we chose Gothenburg as our destination!

The experience there was AMAZING! We got there just in time - the day before we came they opened a new “Halloween” season with beautiful and extremely realistic decorations. Especially,  later in the evening when it became dark, you could feel the atmosphere. There were zombies walking through the park, thematic music playing, ghostsб scarecrows and pumpkins everywhere! And of course all the attractions were perfectly organized and the rides were breathtaking! We spend there 5 hours, but could visit only two attractions, all the other time we spent just walking there and getting scared of the super-realistic zombies!


And if you ask me for a hint - i would definitely recommend taking “all-in-one” ticket, which allows you to stay there for the whole day and take as many attractions as you want.

The next destination point was Hönö island - the old fishing village in the archipelago. It took us around 50 minutes by bus to get there, including ferry (there was a 10 minute ferry ride while still on the bus). The place is perfect for everyone who loves adventure, stunning views and being at one with the sea! The authenticity of the place is shocking! I have never seen something like this before. The island seemed small and quiet, the people kind and unbothered by anything from the outside of their island. And it seemed like all these houses, big and small, were full of love and calmness. And the nature was untouched and tranquil, with the lapping of the waves, the seagulls’ cries and the smell of the fish and salt. 

These island has a totally different tempo to the city.

And as my friend said - “If I had 10 lives, one I would definitely spend there!”

So, among all the countries I’ve been to, Sweden definitely took one of the first places! My heart was full of happiness during these days and smiles of my friends were telling me they were feeling the same! Rich in emotions, full of laugh and sparkling eyes  - this is how i would describe our trip!

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Beer:40 kr
Lunch:120 kr
Dinner:150 kr
Pizza:50 kr
Coke 0.3l:25 kr