You can't compare it to anything you saw before

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Today Budapest is the most beautiful city on a Danube.

Budapest is so unique so authentic. I was used to comparing new places I visit with something I saw before. And when I first saw Budapest I was trying so hard to find something in my head that looks or feels or even smells like it. Then one of my friends said: ”Budapest is something different, it’s unique. Don’t try to compare, just enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere you’re experiencing right now!” That was exactly what I did!

Budapest feels historical, it is filled with the power of past.

You stand at the Chain Bridge looking at the river and the city, and what you see is breathtaking.

I have to tell you - three days in Budapest is so little! That’s why I will come there again.

So many historical places, so many beautiful eye-catching monuments, so many interesting things to do!

Must see are:

First of all, Parliament. It is magnificent, majestic. You feel so small when you stand near it, small physically as well as historically. The Parliament is the largest building in Hungary - it has 700 rooms, 29 stairs and 10 courtyards. This residence, built in 1896, is one of the main attractions of the country.

Next must visit is - The Fisherman's Bastion. It is located on a hilltop in Buda and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. It is one of  tourists favourite places for several reasons: firstly, the bastion offers stunningly scenic views. You can see the main bridges, thrown over the Danube River, right behind them is the St. Stephen’s Basilica, and the Hungarian Parliament Building is a little to the left. Secondly, the place itself seems unusual and fabled: towers, terraces, balustrades and the transitions between them resemble the scenery of a historical movie. It seems that even time stopped here several hundred years ago.

Budapest is the only capital in Europe, which stands on a hundred mineral springs. Thermal baths are there for you if you want to relax. Speaking about my experience, I visited the most famous and the biggest out of them - Szechenyi baths. It has 18 indoor and outdoor pools and 14 saunas (including Finnish and Russian), a jacuzzi, artificial whirlpools. The building was made in the Renaissance style, it is now renovated and looks beautiful. One of the best things was outdoor pool in the evening - hard to express how good was it, you just have to experience this on your own!

Now a little bit about my favourite part of travelling - food.

Goulash. One word, but how delicious this word is! For those who eat and love meat, this is a paradise! Goulash is a Hungarian national meal that originating deep in medieval Hungary. It is a stew or soup of meat and vegetables usually seasoned with paprika and other spices.

Oh! And Kurtoskalacs! It’s a spit cake usually dipped in cinnamon and sugar, but has other varieties too. They sell it everywhere, even on metro stations. And if you’re the one who has a sweet tooth- Budapest is a place to add one more desert into your checklist

And also one thing I noticed in Budapest - there is a lot of tourists! And it’s very tourist friendly. People are polite and very nice. When me and my friends were walking through the streets and speaking in our native language, there were often people saying “Hi” to us on our language too! This is the first city I have visited that surprised me with that!

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