St John's

1. March 2020
3. March 2020

St. Johns City Hall is a neo-Georgian style municipal building located in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Constructed in 1907 by Youngferdorf & Son the building was the city hall for St. Johns, Oregon.

When the town was annexed in 1915, the city hall was turned over to Portland officials who designated it the Portland Police Bureau's North Precinct until 2009. It now houses the Bureau's Traffic Division. By 1905, the St. Johns City Council was planning to build a new city hall building. In January 1906, amid financial woes, the city was facing the prospect of selling of their land for which they intended to erect the new municipal building. The land was purchased by Charles Olhouse for $3,500 ($97,598 adjusted for inflation). By January, with one month remaining on their payment deadline, the council had only put-up $200 ($5,577 adjusted for inflation) total. M. L. Holbrook gave the town $2,000 ($55,770 adjusted for inflation) and W. M. Killingsworth contributed $1,000 ($27,885 adjusted for inflation) to the project with the promise that it would be returned in due time.

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