San Luis Potosi

1. March 2020
3. March 2020

San Luis Potosi is a city in the San Luis Potosi state in the Bajio in Mexico.

It has an estimated population of 824,229 in the city proper and a population of approximately 1,221,526 in its metropolitan area, formed with the neighbour city of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez and other surrounding municipalities, which makes the metropolitan area of Greater San Luis Potosí the eleventh largest in Mexico. The city is in the west-central part of the state of San Luis Potosí, at 22. 16°N, 100. 98°W. The municipality has an area of 1,443. 14 square kilometres (557. 20 square miles). It is part of the macroregion of Bajío. The city is named after Louis IX of France (also known in Mexico as San Luis Rey de Francia, Saint Louis, King of France), who is the city's patron saint. Potosí was added in reference to the fabulously rich mines of Potosí, Bolivia, discovered some forty years before the city was founded, as the exploitation of silver and gold mines in Cerro de San Pedro, near San Luis, was the main reason for the founding of the city in 1592. Now, the city is one of the main industrial centres in central Mexico with a prolific manufacturing industry.

Latin America
2,700,000 people
Safe tap water:
No, contaminated
Internet speed:
5 Mbps
Best wireless carrier:
Best coffee:
Cafe Cortao
Cashless society:
No, cash only (esp. for foreigners)
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Fire department:


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