San José

1. March 2020
3. March 2020

San José (Spanish: [saŋ xoˈse]; literally meaning "Saint Joseph") is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, and the capital of the province of the same name. It is located in the centre of the country, specifically in the mid-west of the Central Valley, and contained within San José Canton.

San José is the seat of national government, the focal point of political and economic activity, and the major transportation hub of Costa Rica. The population of San José Canton was 288,054 in 2011, andSan José’s municipal land area measures 44. 2 square kilometers (17. 2 square miles), with an estimated 333,980 residents in 2015. The San José metropolitan area stretches beyond the canton limits and includes the cities of Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago, with an estimated population of over 2 million in 2017. The city is named in honor of Joseph of Nazareth. Founded in 1736 by order of Cabildo de León, the population of San José rose during the 18th century through the use of colonial planning. It has historically been a city of strategic importance, having been the capital of Costa Rica three times. More than 1 million people pass through the city on a daily basis. It is home to the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, the National Theatre of Costa Rica, and La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

Costa Rica
Latin America
340,000 people
Safe tap water:
No, contaminated
Internet speed:
4 Mbps
Best wireless carrier:
Cashless society:
No, cash only (esp. for foreigners)
Gender ratio (% man):
48 %
Fire department: