Port Said

1. March 2020
3. March 2020

Port Said (Arabic: بورسعيد Bur Said) is Egypt's third city (603,787 people), its second seaport and the entry point of the Suez Canal by the Mediterranean Sea. It has a cosmopolitan heritage appears specially in its various architectural styles for its buildings, It is situated on one bank of the canal, facing its twin city, Port Fouad (Bur Fouad).

Port Said was founded by Sa'id of Egypt on Easter Monday, April 25, 1859, when Ferdinand de Lesseps gave the first symbolic swing of the pickaxe to signal the beginning of construction. The Lighthouse of Port Said was built in 1869 by Francois Coignet using reinforced concrete for the first time in the history, The height of the lighthouse is 56 meters. The lighthouse now is the only original building still standing in Port Said. Port Said flourished particularly during the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century when it was inhabited by various nationalities and religions most of them were from Mediterranean countries, they coexisted in tolerance forming a real cosmopolitan community. Since its establishment Port Said had a prominent place among Egyptian cities and we do not exaggerate if we said among global cities as well, for instance the city was the third in Egypt to witness a film screening after Cairo and Alexandria in the year 1898, also it enjoyed electricity in 1891, nine years after New York.

Middle East
660,000 people
Safe tap water:
No, contaminated
Internet speed:
4 Mbps
Best wireless carrier:
Best coffee:
Spectra Restaurant & Cafe
Cashless society:
Yes, cards OK almost everywhere
Best taxi app:
Gender ratio (% man):
51 %
Fire department:


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