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Kaohsiung (高雄; Gāoxióng) ) is, with over 2.7 million inhabitants, the third most populated city in Taiwan after New Taipei and Taichung and is located in the south of the island. Kaohsiung is known for its harbor, although more for commercial than tourism reasons. Hence it is also known as the Harbor Capital (港都) of Taiwan. Its year-round fine weather and the low cost of living make Kaohsiung the place to visit.

Kaohsiung is Taiwan's third largest city and its largest port. Although its volume of shipping has declined steadily over the last few years, Kaohsiung is still the world's sixth largest cargo-container seaport, and with a state of the art cruise terminal scheduled to open in 2018, its harbor may be much busier soon. The city has high concentrations of heavy industry, including steel production, shipbuilding, and other exports that have led to Kaohsiung's relatively high levels of air pollution (though the situation has improved substantially in recent years). Unlike Taipei, Kaohsiung is a planned city with wide streets and less traffic congestion than the capital. In recent years, the city has made great strides in transforming itself from a primarily industrial city into a modern Asian metropolis, and several areas of the city, such as along the banks of the Love River (Ai He, 愛河), have benefited from major beautification projects under the tenure of former mayor Wu Den-yih. The city is often known as Taiwan's "Harbour Capital" (港都) because of its close connection and heavy reliance on the ocean and maritime transportation. It is also one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Taiwan, with numerous designated bike paths running through the city's many parks.

2,800,000 people
Safe tap water:
No, contaminated
Internet speed:
28 Mbps
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Cashless society:
No, cash only (esp. for foreigners)
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