1. March 2020
3. March 2020

Juba is a fast growing city and capital of the newly formed country of South Sudan. Juba is on the White Nile river.

In the 19th century, a trading post and Christian mission, called Gondokoro, was located in the vicinity of Juba. It was the southernmost outpost of the Egyptian garrison, supported by a handful of soldiers, mostly ill due to the malaria and blackwater fever that was dominant in the region. Gondokoro was also the base of the explorers and campaigners (Sir) Samuel and Florence Baker during their expeditions to what is now South Sudan and northern Uganda from 1863 to 1865, and from 1871 to 1873. The present city of Juba was established on the site of a small Bari village, called Juba, where the Church Missionary Society (CMS) had established a mission and the Nugent Memorial Intermediate School in 1920-21. In the late 1920s, Anglo-Egyptian officials ordered Bari residents to relocate to make way for a new town, also called "Juba," to serve as the capital of Mongalla Province.

230,000 people
Safe tap water:
No, contaminated
Best wireless carrier:
Best coffee:
Da Vinci
Gender ratio (% man):
64 %