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Burgas (also Bourgas) is a city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Burgas is a city on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. It developed more actively in the beginning of 20th century and today it is a large industrial center with many tourist attractions in the region. Built by the sea and surrounded by lakes, Burgas offers relatively mild weather characterized by cooler summers and warmer winters. Three lakes surround Burgas – Vaya (also known as the Burgas lake), Atanaskovsko lake and Mandrensko lake. There are historical evidences that the lands that today Burgas occupies were inhabited since ancient times. However at that period most of the lands that today Burgas covers were small fisherman villages and fortifications. It was hard to flourish under the pressure of the better developed at that period trade centers Nesebar and Sozopol. The Aquae Calidae ancient settlement near Burgas /the mineral baths of Burgas/ . A transparent roof will cover the ruins of the ancient baths of emperors and patricians, making those a tourist attraction.Aquae Calidae Thermopolis was one of the most distinguished spa centers in ancient times. In the 1st century BC the Thracians turned the spring into the most honored sanctuary of the Three Nymphs, which had been attracting lots of pilgrims for centuries. The first baths here were built by the Roman conquerors in the middle of the 1st century. The town went on to develop rapidly with the Byzantines as well. Emperor Justinian 1st tried to protect it from the Barbarian raids with a fortress wall. The miraculous waters offered healing to emperors through the centuries. Still later Sultan Suleiman II arrived here in 1562. He ordered the construction of a new bath.

200,000 people
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No, contaminated
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25 Mbps
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Kashmir Coffee Bar
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45 %
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