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How do we support our Mother Nature

Project flyBARBARA is the first flight ticket search engine which gives up a significant part of its revenue to support the nature. One-third of the profit we invest to planting trees. We help to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions that are produced during the flight. We give the nature back what we take from her. How do we do it? We plant trees through the organization because we like the way and direct approach to this activity.

Wondering where and how do we support our plnet? Throug we choose the right places and projects to support where it's needed the most. You will be able to see all our donations for the trees in our regular monthly reports.

Econimical and enviromental

We afforest the areas where it's needed the most. Planting the trees is mainly focused on developing country regions. Thanks to that we also support economic growth.

Is it controversial? It might seems so. Yes, by flying an airplane the carbon dioxide is being produced. But can you imagine that people would suddenly stop flying? We can't. Not in the close future. So we decided to compensate by planting the trees which absorb the carbon dioxide and produce oxigen on top of that. Does that sound reasonable now?

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Completely transparent

We create and publish records with exact numbers transparently in our monthly reports. Everybody can see there number of sold tickets, profit and donated ammount.

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