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About us

We are a global platform working as a complex traveling search engine with a lot of added value. \nOur travel portal is gathering, filtering and organizing data like flight tickets, hotels and much more from multiple sources to a unique user's output. \nflyBARBARA is also a destination guide and travel blog where every traveler can publish stories and pictures from their travel as well as get in touch with other travelers.


Our site flyBARBARA is here to help you plan your holiday trip, find best flights, hotels and more.

She guides you through countries and cities and gives you the opportunity to share your stories, upload pictures and meet new friends on your way. flyBARBARA is simply here to manage everything for you when you wanna go somewhere.

About us

David Vejvančický
Josef Pavelec
Jakub Löffelmann
Michal Medek
Igor Šula

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