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1. December 2019
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Our offered flights include Free Carbon Offsettings. We give up about one-third of our profits for planting new trees while having the same price as, or similar websites.

Our trip planner manages the entire adventure for you. With us you can search, compare and select the best tickets, hotels and much more. We make sure that everything fits your agenda so that you can focus on the adventure itself. One place, one app: all you need to explore the world. Just enjoy your trip and let us manage everything for you.
In our guide, you'll find all the important details you need to know about the destinations of your dreams: basic information, place overview, weather, currency, safety, VISAs, ratings and much, much more. Be ready, get ready. Get to know the place you wanna see.
Get inspired by our travelers and their Stories, pictures. Feel the experience of people who visited huge variety of places and experienced local culture. See what they enjoyed and what you might wanna know before you go. Also feel free to share your story with other mates. Just enjoy reading great adventures and be one step ahead before you go.